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Greetings from the village of Thakani, Nepal!

The Himalayan School Project is a small, independent non-profit organization that supports the education of children from the remote Nepalese village of Thakani.  Working with the leaders of the village, as well as local community, church and school organizations in Canada and the U.S., it raises funds for the expansion and ongoing operational expenses of the village school.

School children outside the village school in Thakani, pre-2015 earthquake

With a focus on the continued education of promising young women from Thakani, where girl trafficking has been a pervasive problem, the aim is to offer alternative choices that may provide some of Nepal’s poorest girls and their families with a better chance at a happy and healthy future.   

To this end, the Himalayan School Project has been fully sponsoring the education of one village girl for the past 15 years.  Maya Tamang now has one more year of study before she completes her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  At that point, she plans to return to the village and assist in providing health and education opportunities for other young women in her community. 


Thus change happens: one girl, one school, one village, one shared community at a time.   

Maya Tamang in Thakani, Fall 2018

Maya in the mountains at Thakani.jpg
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