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The Himalayan School Project  is a non-profit society based in Nova Scotia, Canada, that works in partnership with the rural village of Thakani, Nepal. 


Our mission: 


To work  with the community of Thakani to support the education of its children


Our vision: 


To provide  options for young girls and their families that will help ensure a healthy future for the village



Our organization:

The Himalayan School Project is the ultimate low budget high impact organization.  We pride ourselves on having no overhead or administrative costs, which are donated by board members and supporters. 


With the support of many concerned and generous individuals,  we can turn our vision, and the hopes of the people of Thakani, into reality. 


All money donated to the Himalayan School Project goes directly to the village school in Thakani or to pay tuition and boarding expenses for our sponsored children attending school in Kathmandu. 



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