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Maya Tamang and The Betsy Hartigan Memorial Fund

The Betsy Hartigan Memorial Fund was established in accordance with the wishes of Betsy Hartigan, of Potsdam, New York, who died of breast cancer in 2006.  Betsy was a dear friend of the founder’s family, and it was Betsy's fervent desire that her passing would enable one little girl in a remote corner of the world -- where few dreams come true -- to realize hers.


That little girl was Maya Tamang, who at the age of eight was sponsored by the Himalayan School Project to attend the Ideal English School in Kathmandu. The Betsy Hartigan Memorial Fund has been supporting Maya’s education since she was twelve years old. 


Maya completed her secondary education at the Himalayan International Model School in Kathmandu in 2015, and is currently in her third year of study at the SAAN Institute of Nursing in Kathmandu.  She plans to return to her village of Thakani, where she will apply her education and skills to benefit her community. 

Thank you to all who have helped to fulfill Maya's dream, and Betsy's wishes.  

Maya - Age 5.jpeg

Maya Tamang in Thakani- Age 5

Nurse Maya - Sept. 2018.jpg

Maya Tamang - 3rd year nursing student, SANN Institute of Nursing, Kathmandu

Maya - maternity nurse.jpg

Maya in nursing practicum, 2017

Maya March 2018.jpg

Maya Tamang -  2018

maya - 13.png

Maya - Age 13 - Ideal English School, Kathmandu

Maya's mother, older sister and niece, and younger sister

Maya's father in front of their house in

Maya Tamang, seated left, and 2nd year classmates

SAAN Institute of Nursing, Kathmandu

In Maya's own words:


“This year’s courses are very important for my career and it's very tough courses too. Midwifery is my main target for career… I want to influence Skilled Birth Training and Family Planning skills in Thakani…


My main goals are to reduce mortality and women’s empowerment. I want to make women of Thakani to be independent and skilled.

I am very happy. You all are with me even though my family isn’t able to support me.


I am so lucky to get sponsors and heartily thank [all involved]. I promise I won't let Ms. Hartigan's dreams down. I will possibly bring changes to Thakani as I become a registered Nurse.”

Maya's father outside their home in Thakani

Please specify that your contribution is to the "Betsy Hartigan Memorial Fund"

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